The Still Point Insurance FAQs

What Insurance Do You Accept? We Anticipate To Be In-network With Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) In March Of This Year (2021) And Will Be Considered Preferred Providers For Most BCBS Affiliated Plans For Acupuncture And Neurofeedback. If Your Plan Pays For Out-of-network Acupuncture Or Massage, We Will Provide A “superbill” For You To Submit For Reimbursement. We Accept FSA And HSA Plan Cards For Eligible Services. Check With Your Plan Provider For What Is An Eligible Reimbursement And You Can Use Your VISA HSA Card With Us.

I Have A BCBS Plan. Does This Automatically Mean I Have Coverage? Possibly. Your Coverage Is Determined By The Terms Of Your Individual Plan. Each Plan Can Vary In Detail With Number Of Visits Allowed, Percentage Of Coverage, And Individual Co-pays And Deductibles. Some Plans Differ With In-network And Out-of-network Benefits. Some Family Plan Benefits Are Shared Between All Members Of The Family, Not Just The Individual Getting Services At The Still Point And This Can Affect How Many Visits Are Covered.

Do You Take Medicare? No We Do Not, However, You May Have Coverage If BCBS Is Your Secondary Or Supplemental Plan. Our Administrator Will Follow-up With You On Your Plan Details.

What Are The Terms I Need To Know To Understand My Benefits? The Important Information You Need To Know About Your Plan Are: Number Of Visits Allowed Per Year Your Deductible, Co-pay And Co-insurance Amounts Your Out-of-pocket Maximum For In- Or Out-of Network Coverage.

What About A Co-pay? Acupuncture Is Considered A Specialty By Insurance And Co-pay Amounts Have To Be Confirmed Based On Your Plan. For Example, If Your Insurance Card Indicates You Pay $30 For Seeing A Specialist, Your Co-pay For Acupuncture May Be Less Than, Equal To, Or More Than $30. We’ll Have That Information For You After We Receive Your Benefit Report From Insurance.

Will I Need Pre-authorization? Most Plans Do Not Need Pre-authorization For Acupuncture But Some Plans Do. This Is A Detail That The Administrator Will Go Over With You If Necessary. Pre-authorization Is Required For Some Plans That Only Allow Coverage Based On Referrals And A Specific Diagnosis By Your Physician.

What About Massage Coverage? We Are Not An In-network Massage Therapy Provider, But Massage May Be Covered By Some Plans If It Is Deemed Medically Necessary And Your Diagnosis Code Is Supported By Your Physician. In This Case, We Can Provide To You A “superbill” That You Will Submit To Your Insurance For Reimbursement. Also, Massage Is Covered By Most FSA/HSA Plans And We Can Give You The Proper Paperwork For That.

Can I Learn More About My Coverage? Call Your Member Services For Your Insurance Plan (phone Number Is Listed On The Back Of Your Insurance Card) To Get More Information About Your Coverage For Different Services And What Kind Of Payments To Expect. An Important Detail To Ask About Is What The Terms Of Your Acupuncture Coverage Are. Some Plans Do Cover Acupuncture But In The Fine Print You May Only Have Coverage “in Lieu Of Anesthesia.” Make Sure You Check The Full Details With An Insurance Representative. If You Do Not Have Coverage, Speak With A Representative About What Plans Are Available That Do Cover Acupuncture And Request That Your Current Plan Adds Coverage. Your Advocacy For Acupuncture Can Influence Your Insurance Plan In The Future. If Yo

I Don’t Have BCBS But My Insurance Carrier May Pay For Some Of My Visits. How Do I Get Those Paid? We’ll Give You A “superbill” You Can Submit To Your Insurance Company For Reimbursement. Once Submitted, Some Plans May Send You A Percentage Of Reimbursement Based On Your Out-of-network Benefits Or Other Terms Of Your Plan.